Wooden trays are the most common item of kitchenware to be found in any home. Wooden trays are sometimes attached to metal handles or wooden handles, which are used to hold them. These trays are available in any type of conceivable shapes, be it rectangular, square, oval, spherical, triangular and so on. The wooden trays may be partitioned into divisions to hold two types of food or snacks at a time. These may be decorated with brass, gold or silver inlay work or intricate engravings. The edges of wooden trays may be frilled, straight, wavy or curved. These trays, usually, come in sets of 2, 4, and 6 and so on.

However, a single exquisite piece can also be specially ordered for. Mango wood, Ebony, Rosewood or any type of wood can be used to make these trays. The prices of these trays depend on the quality of wood used to them.

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