Wooden Toys



Wooden Toy Trains:

Wooden toy trains are sets of small toy trains that run on a network of wooden tracks. The tracks are made with grooves which act as guides for the wheels of rolling stock. The parts of the wooden toy trains are made of hardwood. They resemble anthropomorphical, fictional and prototypical railroad equipment. Early wooden toy trains had bogeys connected to one another using metal hooks. They have now been replaced by magnets. Wooden toy trains were founded by the Skaneateles Handicrafters toy company. It was first manufactured in 1936 by Marshal H. Larrabee II. The gauge used for the early wooden toy trains was similar to those used by modern toy companies. The connection used in the track were different from the �peg and hole� jigsaw track systems of today. The trains were usually unpainted or unstained. The designs of the trains were simple and abstract. The engines and wagons were usually carved from a single piece of wood and connected with hooks and eyes. The track layout of wooden toy train follow a few set standards. The standard number of track pieces is eight. The common layout for the tracks is in the shape of an eight, a L-figure, spectacles or Mickey Mouse head shaped layouts. The tracks are raised by using rectangular supports. Modern wooden toy train sets include several buildings and animals to be used as accessories and the engines and bogeys have a more detailed design. Nowadays the train sets are painted using non-toxic colors. the paints used are very bright in order to make them attractive to children.


Wooden Toy Soldiers:

Toy soldiers are miniature figurines of soldiers. Toy soldiers vary from being simple toys to highly detailed and realistic models of soldiers. The detailed models are often called model figures in order to distinguish them from other toy soldiers. Large scale dolls or action figures are also available in military uniforms, but, they are not classified as toy soldiers. Toy soldiers are usually sold in sets. A few collectible figures are sold individually. A standard wooden toy soldiers measures 54mm in height. Many if these wooden soldiers have been found in Egyptian tombs and also in other cultures and eras.

Peg Wooden Dolls:

Peg wooden dolls are some of the oldest types of dolls surviving even today. They are lathe turned dolls from the Groden Valley region of the Alps. The term peg wooden comes from the jointing technique where the arms and legs of the doll are attached to the body with pegs. Peg wooden dolls sometimes have locked arms or legs so that if one arm or leg is moved, the other one will also move. Advanced peg dolls have joints where the body peg is split and attached separately allowing independent movement. Peg wooden dolls originated in Dutch. The first dolls were sold nude so that young girls could dress them themselves.

Wooden Word Toys:

Wooden word toys or alphabet toys fall into the category of educational or constructional toys. They are very beneficial to kids. Children are able to learn all the letters of the alphabet as well as learn to spell out new words. Word toys improve hand eye coordination of kids and help in their cognitive development. Regular playing with word toys develop a child's reasoning ability.

Wooden Riding Toys:

Wooden riding toys mainly consist of rocking horses and wheelbarrows. Rocking horses are horse shaped toys mounted on rockers. The back of the horses are usually padded with leather or foam. Wheelbarrows are small hand propelled vehicles. They are designed so that a person can push them by means of two handles to the rear. Riding toys improve children's motor skills such as balance and coordination.

Wooden Puppets:

Puppets are used in plays or presentations. Puppets are operated directly or indirectly by puppeteers. Wooden puppets are usually operated by means of strings. Puppets are inanimate. They are animated by the puppeteer. Puppets are assigned certain roles while they are being animated. Puppetry usually takes place during ceremonies or performances. Wooden puppets can be made to behave in any way desired by children and hence they are well loved by children all over the world. Puppets are also called marionettes. Some people even collect wooden puppets. Apart from the above mentioned toys there are many other types of toys made of wood. The boards used in board games are almost always made of wood. Wooden farm animals, building blocks, magnetic toys, doll houses, airplanes and toy chests are some more of the commonly seen wooden toys.