Wooden Stool


Stools are low chairs without back or arm rests. Stools often resemble pedestals. Stools are usually made of wood. Wooden stools are used for sitting as well as for reaching unreachable places. Wooden stools may have cushions to enable a person to sit comfortably. Wooden stools are used as seats that provide comfortable and healthy seating for meditation. Wooden stools are light and sturdy. This makes them easy to store and transport. Wooden stools are made from beech, teak or cherry. They can be given different finishes according to wish. Wooden stools are quite common in most homes, libraries and educational institutions. High sitting stools are used in bars. They are known as bar stools. Wooden stools are given intricate angles and delicate curves to give them a traditional or contemporary look. However, the basic design of the stool remains the same. A wooden stool may be inlayed, painted or structured to improve its aesthetic value.

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