Lord Vishnu is considered as the Supreme Being of the Hindus. He is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the universe. Lord Vishnu is the consort of Lakshmi. Vishnu's primary intelligence is Maya. His vehicles is the Garuda. Statues of Lord Vishnu show him sitting on a lotus flower along with his consort on a similar seat. Some statues show Vishnu seated on his pet snake, Shesha. Vishnu is depicted as having four arms. Each of his arms hold a weapon. The four weapons held by Vishnu are the Conch, the disc, the lotus and the club. Statues of Vishnu are not usually found in houses. Most of the statues are found in temples or holy institutions. Statues of Lord Vishnu are often painted in a dark blue color as he is said to be of the same color as the clouds.

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