Lord Jagannath


Jagannath is an incarnation of the Lord Krishna. Lord Jagannath is considered to be a merciful form of Lord Krishna. The oldest and most well known statue of Jagannath is in Puri in Orissa. The statues of Lord Jagannath is always accompanied by those of his brother Balarama and his sister Subhadra. Lord Jagannath has no arms or legs. His hair stands on one end. This bizarre appearance is shared by Balarama as well as Subhadra. According to legend, this is due to a mistake of Subhadra's. She was asked by Gopis too keep watch on the arrival of Krishna and balarama while they talked of their love for him. Subhadra became engrossed in the stories of the Gopis and did not notice the arrival of Krishna and Balarama. As they heard the stories of the Gopis, their arms and kegs retracted and they had big grins on their faces out of ecstasy.

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