Wooden Serving Trays


Wooden serving trays are items of kitchenware that are made of wood. Serving trays are shallow but they have slightly higher walls, which prevent the food from falling over the edge. The wooden serving trays are accompanied by metal or wooden handles. The handles are used to carry or hold these trays. The base of the wooden serving trays may be decorated with intricate designs engraved on them. These trays are, usually, used to serve food but they may also be used to eat snacks. The taste of the food depends a lot on the way, in which it is served. The appeal of the food is obviously increased when it is served on a pretty well decorated wooden serving tray, which has been adorned with brass inlay work. The pattern of the inlay work can be a well-spaced out one or it can be a large design covering the whole base of the tray. Ivory or gold and silver inlay work on wood are also in vogue. Intricately designed wooden serving trays are a little more expensive than the plain ones.

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