Wooden pastry pins


Wooden pastry pins have been around since times immemorial. For centuries our mothers and grandmothers have been deft in using pastry pins to roll out doughs for cakes, pastries and breads. Pastry pins are accompanied by two handles on either side, which are thinner than the main rolling body. The handles make it easier to roll out the dough and make a flat base out of it. Wooden pastry pins should be washed with hands in a mild soap-based water and dried thoroughly before using them again. After having used them for a long time, the wood shows a tendency to peel off. The wooden pastry pins should be then polished with a sandpaper to smoothen out the rough edges. In order to keep these pastry pins in a good shape for years to come mineral oil should be applied on them. Wooden pastry pins come in reasonable prices.

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