Wooden Office Furniture


Furniture is a collective term used to define movable objects which support the human body, provide storage or hold objects. Furnitures can be products of artistic design and be considered as decorative art or they may serve functional purposes only.Office furnitures differ quite a lot from other household furnitures. Files, Cd's, documents and other stationaries need to be stored in offices. Apart from that, it is necessary to have proper workstations and desks to carry out the work. Office furnitures can be broken down into categories depending on types; seating, workstations, storage and conferences.
Office furnitures usually comprise of:-

  • Desks
  • Computer tables
  • Chairs
  • Filing cabinets
  • Credenzas
  • Reception furniture
  • Conference tables

These are the most basic items of office furniture. Apart from these, additional storage cabinets and desks may also be used by offices.


Desks are by far the most important items of office furniture. They are used for reading or writing. Desks are also used as stands for computers. Desks often have one or more drawers. Desks are suitable for sitting on only one side. However, not all desks are table like. For example; an Armoire desk has a large built in cabinet usually as tall as an adult person. The ideal form of a desk is the pedestal desk or executive desk. The smallest kind of desk is the portable desk. A portable desk is light enough to be placed on the lap. Desks have existed from the civilizations of the Middle East or Far East. Desks were manufactured during the medieval times for the specific purpose of reading and writing. The medieval desks were huge in size and had a number of slots and hooks for bookmarks as well as storing writing implements. The modern desk forms started around the 17th and 18th centuries. Complex drawing tables and drafting desks were modern spin offs of the 17th and 18th century desks. During the industrial era, offices grew in number. Desks began to mass produced in large quantities. Steam driven machinery made it easier to produce wooden desks. Since then finely crafted desks have been crafted only by master craftsmen. The majority of desks are assembled rapidly by laborers employed by manufacturers of wooden desks. Use of more paper and the increase in correspondence led to the development of more complex and specialized desks. Some of the newer variants of desks are the roll-top desk and the cylinder desk. These desks provided an easy and cheap way to lock up the increasing flow of paperwork. The latest variety of desks can be transformed into various different shapes and angles for use by professionals. Desks of various forms and types can be found in modern offices. The various forms of desks are discussed below in brief.

Armoire Desk:

They are writing tables built within large cabinets. They are usually the size of an adult person.

Bargueno Desk:

It is a kind of desk that was first produced in the 15th century and continues to be manufactured even today. A Bargueno desk can usually be seen on a money lender's counter.

Credenza Desk:

A credenza desk or credenza is a modern desk. It is generally placed next to a wall as a secondary work surface. They are used in executive offices. Credenza desks have stacks of shelves, small drawers and nooks above the main working surface. Credenza desks are often used as computer desks thus leaving the surface of the main desk free.

Cubicle Desk:

Cubicle desks are partially enclosed workspaces. They are separated from neighboring workspaces using partitions which are usually five to six feet high.

Drafting Table:

Drafting tables or drawing boards are found in architects' or engineers' offices or artists' studios. They are multipurpose desks which can be used for drawing, writing or sketching. Drafting tables can be adjusted to be of required height and have desired slants.

Slant Top Desk:

A slant top desk resembles a secretary desk in many ways. It is considered as a descendant of the secretary desk.

Standing Desks:

They are antique desks in modern forms. They are used to read or write while standing or sitting on a high stool. Standing desks vary greatly in height. It is slightly slanting in order to allow people of varying heights to use it.

Trestle Desks:

Trestle desks are writing desks with a simple flat surface and a few drawers. Trestle desks are supported by two legs instead of four. The legs are more like side supports instead of legs.