Wooden mortar and pestels


Mortar and pestels are used to grind or paste various amounts of spices, herbs or other food materials or even medicines. Wood does not absorb any aroma or flavor of the food being ground in it, thus it is best used as a material to make mortar and pestels. Wooden mortar and pestels are better used to paste dry spices or food materials than the wet ones. The mortar is a bowl with high walls and a deep base, while the pestle is a long solid column with a rounded mouth. The spices or food materials are put inside the mortar and the pestle is used to grind them. The process is a bit time-consuming but it preserves the original aroma of the spices and lends the dishes an exotic taste. A standard wooden mortar and pestle is almost 2 5/8" in diameter x 2" to 2 1/4" deep. The price of wooden mortar and pestels depend on whether they are made of oak wood, walnut wood, maple wood or cherry wood.

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