Wooden Gift Box


A wooden gift box is an interesting way to gift a variety of things starting from cigars, necklaces, toys, tea sets, earrings to wine and so on. A wooden gift box is always accompanied by a lid or cover. The cover can be hinged or a separate piece. The hinges can be of any of the following types:

  • Brass barbed hinges
  • Brass barrel hinges
  • Gold plated quadrant hinges
  • Piano hinge

The gift box can have a matte, glossy, lacquered or enameled finish. The box top can be made of glass or a different type of wood than the whole body. This combination of different textures gives a very interesting look to the gift boxes. The size of the box depends on the size of the thing that would be gift wrapped within it. Wooden gift boxes can be personalized with the type of material that one wants to. The lining of the boxes can also be ordered accordingly. Wooden gift boxes come at a wide range of prices. However, price should not be a constraint in choosing the right type of gift box to suit the occasion.


Following are the potential manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of wooden gift boxes:

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