Wooden Ganesha


Wooden Ganesha statues are also called “Rupas”. Ganesha is the Hindu God of wisdom and success. The image of Lord Ganesha is always worshiped before beginning a new venture. He is considered as a remover of obstacles. Wooden statues of Ganesha are carved with skill and dexterity. He has a chubby appearance and a pot belly. The most common pose of Lord Ganesha is shown holding sweets, a mace, a conch, a lotus and a tusk. Some other wooden Ganesha statues show him dancing or playing the “Tabla”. Wooden Ganesha statues are often painted with rust colored paints or in bright colors. At times they are painted to give them a bronze like appearance. However sandalwood, rosewood or pine wood Ganesha statues are very popular and the unpainted varieties are the ones most in demand.

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