Wooden Fruit Trays


Wooden fruit trays are flat vessels used to serve fresh or dry fruits. These trays are intricately carved or they can also be plain with a multi-textured finish. Different hues of wood may be combined together to make these trays lending an interestingly rich texture to them. The most preferred colors of such trays range from deep brown, light brown, white, cherry brown to off white. However, other brighter colors may also be used in these fruit trays. Ebony, Rosewood, Mango-wood and Sheesham are, mostly used to make these fruit trays. The intensively carved fruit trays made of Sheesham or Ebony are the most expensive pieces. Wooden fruit trays come in small, medium or large sizes. They are, generally, available in a set containing one or more pieces of the different sizes of trays. Different types of wooden fruit trays are available in a wide price range.

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