Wooden Fruit Bowls


Fruit bowls are beautiful pieces of kitchenware that increase the decorative quotient of the table setting. Wooden fruit bowls are, usually, large in size so that a large number of fruits can be chopped, dressed as well as served in them. These fruit bowls are shaped like different types of fruits, like mango, apple and so on. However, the usual semi-circular shape is not uncommon to find. The edges of such bowls may have a curved or a straight contour. Wooden fruit bowls have a plain surface without intricate carvings on them. They may come as a set along with a wooden spatula to mix the fruit salad. Wooden fruit bowls can be divided into those for dry fruits and those for fresh fruits. The fruit bowls used to serve dry fruits have separate compartments in them, in order to serve a number of dry fruits at the same time. The size of the bowl and the quality of wood used to make these bowls determine their price.

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