Wooden Farm Toys


Farms are lands used for agriculture. Farms also breed cattle and other animals for various purposes. Wooden farm toys are toys designed to be replicas of actual farms. They usually consist of a barn, a tractor, several animals like cows, cats, dogs, chickens, pigs and horses and a farmer. At times a farm set may also include a stable for the horses or a cow shed. Wooden farm toys are used by children for role playing. They build a mini farm and play the role of the farmer. Playing at caring for animals and tilling the lands gives the child a feeling of responsibility. It also helps children in identifying the various animals present on a farm. Wooden farm toys are painted with non toxic paint and the toys are well sanded to prevent any scratches.

The toys are sealed with water based sealants. The best farm toys are made from beech, pine or maple. Wooden farm toys may be hand carved to give a three dimensional appearance or may be machine made and have a flat appearance.

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