Wood Table Tops


ables are horizontal surfaces that are supported by a base on legs. The number of legs may vary but it is usually four in number. Tables are usually meant for use with chairs. Tables are used to hold items. One of the most notable uses of tables are for holding food. Many tables have hinged extensions that can be dropped or raised to increase or decrease work space. The extendable portions are known as drop leaves. Tables may be freestanding or placed against walls. Table tops are available in almost all shapes. Square, round and oval tops are the most commonly used. Table tops can sometimes be removed or adjusted to change position or size. Table tops wear out from constant use. They get scratched, burnt or dented.

Buying new tables may prove expensive so many people just buy new table tops. Wooden table tops are available in all shapes and sizes to fit onto any base. Wood inlaid table tops are very valuable.

Following are the potential manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of wood table tops:

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