Wood Racks


Racks or shelves are horizontal platforms used for storing items. Wooden racks are used to store books, or magazines. Some wood racks are used to hang clothes that needed to be dried. These are known as clothes rack. Specially designed wooden racks are used to store shoes. Shoe racks can be assembled together at home. Smaller sized racks for Cd's and small items are also available. However, the most common use of wood racks are for holding bottles of wine. Wine racks may be small in size and folding. These usually do not hold more than ten bottles of wine. Bigger wine racks are designed to hold around a hundred bottles of wine at once. Wooden racks add a feeling of warmth and texture to any room. Racks may be wall mounted or standing.

Racks are used in offices to display brochures, magazines or information flyers.

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