Wood Partitions


Partitions are walls used to divide rooms into sections. Partitions are usually made of wood or ply. Partitions are sometimes used just to section of a part of a room for added privacy. They are a quick and easy solution to space shortage. The partition is made of several panels. The individual panels interlock to form a complete wall. The closure of the partition is achieved by means of and expandable end panel which is operated by a removable handle. The partitions can be moved to merge separate rooms. Usually the panels fold up against one another and are shifted to the sides. The warmth and ambiance of wood partitions make them ideal for use in offices, clubs and community centers.

The health sector uses wood partitions to provide temporary divisions between various departments. Partitions are available in glazed, unglazed or acoustic wood options.

Following are the potential manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of wood partitions:

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