Wood Doors


Doors are panels or barriers with hinges or having sliding systems. Doors are used as coverings in walls or as partitions leading into a building or space. Doors can be opened to give access to rooms or closed to prevent access into a room. Doors are universal features in all kins of buildings. The allow passage between internal rooms and also allow passage of light and air. The primary use of a door is privacy and security. Doors are thus provided with a lot of fittings like latches and locks which can be used to lock them. Doors are also used as temperature controls for a space. The doors are used to exclude air drafts so that the interiors are heated or cooled as necessary. Doors also provide aesthetic value.

They create an impression of what may lie beyond. For this reason, the front door or main door of houses are beautifully decorated.

Following are the potential manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of file doors:

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