Water Jug


Water jug is a tall vessel or jar used to store water. Water jugs can be made of earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, ceramic or pottery. Water jugs almost always have a handle. The mouth of such jugs resembles a funnel, so that it is easy to pour out the water from them. The base of the jugs is broad. Water jugs come in a large number of shapes. They, usually, come in small, medium and large sizes. Water jugs can take the shape of tall cylindrical columns or spherical pots. Pottery water jugs form a very decorative piece. They can be hand-made or machine-made. Ceramic water jugs may come with or without a cover or lid. These pieces of ceramic ware can be easily customized to suit the other pieces of dinnerware. Water jugs made of fine porcelain or ceramic are a little more expensive than the pottery jugs. However, water jugs come in a wide range of prices.

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