Wall decor


Wall decor consists of wooden wall hangings, wooden brackets, wooden artifacts and mirror frames. Antique wooden wall clocks hung on the walls also form a part of the wall decor. Wooden brackets can be used to support television sets, cloth racks or even shelves in kitchen or in the living room. The color of the walls is the most important element of a wall decor. All the other pieces of decoration can be used keeping in mind the color of the walls. Wooden furnishings lend a very earthy and rich texture to the rooms. A dull and uninteresting room decor can be enlivened with a few pieces of wooden artifacts or furniture. The color of the pieces of wood furnishings range from black, red, brown to white. Various pieces of wooden wall decor are variously priced depending on the quality of wood used to make them.

Following are the potential manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the various pieces of wall decor:

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