Trays are shallow plates or platforms used to carry or transport articles. Trays are larger than salvers and are usually used for smaller and lighter servings. Trays may be made of various types of materials ranging from silver, brass, sheet iron and wood to melamine, and paper. Some trays have galleries or handles and short stubby stands called feet. They are used to support the trays. The raised edges on trays prevent things from sliding off them. Trays are made in many different shapes, but the most commonly used shapes are oval, round or rectangular forms. Sometimes trays have cut outs or attached handles. Trays are of different types. Butler trays are galleried trays. They have a deep setting and have short sides with handles. Butler trays have portable stands with folding legs. They are used to serve drinks and also serve as side tables. Horticultural trays are large sized trays used for propagating vegetables and flowers.

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