Traditional kitchenware


In the earlier years cooking was an art that was practiced by women with a lot of time at their disposal. The pieces of kitchenware of those time, thus, bear resemblance of this art. Copper or brass utensils were used which could keep the food warm for a longer time. The charcoal or wood stove was the source of all the heat that was needed for cooking. Thus the shape of the utensils was suited to these stoves. Terracotta or pottery jars or pots were used to store water. Stainless steel, plastic or enameled metal are not used to make items traditional kitchenware. In the earlier years different types of kitchenware were used to make one single dish and those utensils were not repeated with another dish. Traditional kitchenware consisted of every item that was needed to prepare a tasty and steaming meal, starting from the vessels used to store food to those used to cook it. Traditional kitchenware can be purchased in a set consisting of all the types of utensils. They are available in a wide range of prices.

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