Tin Steam Boat Toys


Tin Steam Boat Toys or pop-pop boats are toy boats that are floated on water. Tin steam boats were invented in the later part of the nineteenth century. They are powered by burning candles or using oil burners. They make a popping sound as they move along the water and hence the name pop-pop boats. The tin steam boat toys run on a simple mechanism. The engine of the boat is a steam boiler. The water in the boat turns into steam which escapes and propels the boat forward using a steam jet effect. The remaining steam condenses and sucks in more water and the cycle continues till the candle or fire dies out. The tin steam boat is extremely popular with children. It is manufactured in many countries.

However, it needs to be handled carefully since the tin parts could cut the user. Besides, the toy is powered by fire. It should always be used under adult supervision.

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