Tea Gift Set


A tea gift set consists of a complete tea set gift wrapped for a special occasion or person. A tea set consists of a teapot, tea cups, creamer or milk jug, sugar tongs or spoons, sugar bowl, tea strainer and tea tray. A tea set may also consist of a number of tea cups. A gift tea set may be personalized according to the occasion or the person, to whom the gift will be given. A gift tea set may be made of a wide range of materials starting from earthenware, stoneware, pottery, ceramic to porcelain. Ceramic gift tea sets are available in a variety of pretty designs and colors. These may be preferred in a riot of colors of red, yellow, blue and green or in plain pastel shades of white, cream and pink. Fine porcelain or fine ceramic tea gifts are higher priced. Less expensive tea gift sets of a coarser variety of porcelain are also available in the market.

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