Spreaders can be made of a variety of materials like silver, pewter, stainless steel and even plastic. Spreaders form a very important piece of cutlery without which any breakfast table is incomplete. Butter, cheese or margarine are best applied to loaves of toast breads with a spreader. They resemble knives in their appearance, the only difference is that, unlike knives, they do not have a sharp edge. The handle of the spreaders need not be extra strong, they are just a thicker version of the blade. The handles of silver spreaders are intricately carved or even studded with decorative stones. They are, thus, a little more expensive than the ordinary ones. The stainless steel spreaders are the most commonly used ones. Some spreaders also come with a calibrated cutting blade in between, which assists in measuring and cutting the butter neatly. Spreaders are easily available anywhere at affordable prices.

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