Spoons have been used in some form or the other since times immemorial. Earlier spoons were made of horn, wood, brass or copper. Later materials like pewter, stainless steel, ivory, bronze, plastic and even metal alloys or ceramic have been modeled to form spoons. In the earliest times spoons were handmade and had a crude finish. Nowadays, they have a better finish and are better decorated. Spoons can be divided into a large number of types, like soup spoons, dessert spoons, rice spoons, tea spoons, tablespoons, forks and so on. Spoons have a small bowl-like indentation attached to a long handle. The handle aids in holding the spoons while eating or serving something. The shape of the spoons is ascertained by the consistency of the food that will be eaten with its help. Spoons come as part of a complete cutlery set or as single pieces.

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