Spoon spatula


Spoon spatulas are spoons with a flat serving mouth or edge. These spatulas are made of a variety of materials. Wood and silicon are the most commonly used materials to make spoon spatulas. The utensils of today are mostly made of non stick material, which is best suited for daily use. Spoon spatulas, usually, have a long handle that assist in holding them. Spoon spatulas come in sets of 2, 4, 6 and so on. These spatulas or spoons have a slightly concave bowl fitted in front of the handle, which is used to stir or serve food. Wooden spoon spatulas have a very elegant look about them and serve to stylize the way you cook or serve food. Ceramic or porcelain spoon spatulas are a little heavier while they look more elegant than the ordinary ones. Spoon spatulas are easily available in the market and they are not very expensively priced.

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