Scissor Holder


A wooden scissor holder is made of four vertical pieces of wooden slabs with space in between to store the scissors. These scissor holders may have an in-built pocket in them to keep the scissors in place. The scissors are folded with their mouths facing downwards and stacked in these holders so that they can be used when needed. The color of these scissor holders should match the other pieces of tableware so that symmetry is maintained with all the pieces. Scissor holders can be given a matte, glossy or sand-washed finish. They come in a wide range of shapes, like semi circular, triangular or circular. Interesting shapes can also be experimented with when it comes to scissor holders. The scissor holders may also have hooks attached to them to hang other items of stationary. Wooden scissor holders may be adorned with metal inlay work or engravings on their sides.

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