Salad hands


Salad hands are spoons or spatulas shaped as hands, that are used to mix the large leafy pieces of fruits and vegetables along with a salad dressing or with some spices. It is not hygienic to mix or toss the salads with the bare hands but the finesse that can be achieved with the fingers cannot be achieved with simple spoons or spatulas. Thus salad hands are preferred. Salad hands come with a short handle with a space provided to put in the fingers and has 3 or 4 finger-like extensions to mix or toss the salad. Salad hands can be made of plastic, acrylic glass, wood or bamboo. They are, mostly, made of environment friendly, non-toxic materials that are resistant to heat and chemicals. Plastic salad hands are the most popular ones and come in a wide range of colors, like red, blue, green or yellow. While wooden salad hands have a more elegant look about them. Salad hands are not very expensively priced.

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