Salad bowl


Salad bowls are made of a variety of materials like wood, ceramic, porcelain, glass, stoneware and earthenware. These bowls have a deep base and high walls, which prevent the pieces of vegetables or fruits from falling over the edges. Ceramic salad bowls are intricately carved on the outer side, while the wooden salad bowls are mostly adorned by brass or metal inlay work. Ceramic salad bowls may have prints or designs of fruits, flowers or other kinds of geometric motifs. These bowls are available in all types of conceivable colors. While the color of natural wood is preferred in wooden salad bowls. Salad bowls may come as single pieces or as part of a dinnerware or kitchenware sets. The price of the salad bowls are determined by the material used to make them. They come in a wide range of prices.

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