Riding Toys


Children love toys that can be ridden. Nowadays there are a number of options to choose from. Major toy companies manufacture all kinds of riding toys. Tricycles, cars, rocking horses, mini bikes, small wagons and wheelbarrows are the various kinds of riding toys. Tricycles are three wheeled vehicles. They have two wheels at the back and one in front. Tricycles are pushed forward with the help of pedals. The wheels rotate as the pedals are moved. Mini cars, bikes, wheelbarrows and wagons are either pulled by someone or have holes at the bottom through which the kid can thrust out its feet and propel the car forward. Rocking horses are horse shaped toys mounted on rockers. Rocking horses are made of wood and painted brightly. The backs of the horse sometimes have leather pads to make sitting easier. Riding toys give kids the feeling of driving vehicles and make them feel grown up. Riding toys also improve motor skills like balance and coordination.

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