Relish forks


Forks are said to been first used in the Middle East and not in the western countries, as is more popularly believed. Relish forks are used to serve salads, pickles, chopped fruits, noodles or even condiments. These forks have two or more widely spaced tines to hold or serve food materials. The fork in its earliest form had only two prongs while later the many-pronged pieces came to be used more commonly. Wooden relish forks are strong enough to mix or toss salads and they are made of cherry, curly maple and walnut wood. These types of wood have a very rich color and texture, which lend a rich earthy hue to the relish forks. Small relish forks are approximately 5'' in length and are easy to use as a serving spoon. Plastic or acrylic glass relish forks have a decorative look to them and come in quite a few vibrant colors. Relish forks come in sets of 4, 6 or 12 or as a part of a complete cutlery set or along with a condiment box.

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