Plate rack


Plate racks can be made of stainless steel, wood, ceramic or enameled metal. A plate rack has separate compartments to keep plates as well as hooks to hang cups or mugs. These racks may have two or more layers to store the plates and dishes. Plate racks come complete with hooks at the back to hang the whole structure or a stand to keep it straight, when kept vertically. The ceramic plate racks are exquisite pieces of kitchenware and are best decorated with enameled metal or stainless steel lining. Plate racks can also be in the shape of trays, which do not have separate compartments for the plates. They are stacked over one another. Plate racks are available in medium and large sizes. Stainless steel plate racks are the most popular ones and are most reasonably priced. Other than that plate racks made of any type of material are quite reasonably priced.

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