Mirroring India In Its Crafts


India is diverse in many aspects. And one can easily find this diversity in profusion in the domestic pottery that is found in innumerable shapes and sizes..... Read more......


Genesis of Craft

The history of Indian arts and handicrafts is as old as its civilization. Human beings walked the Indian earth and picked it to make the earliest of pottery.

Colored stones and leaves were used in making paintings on cave walls to express his perceptions and views. That also started the tradition of handcrafted home decorations, murals, paintings and sculptures. Stones were molded to make the first of utensils and weapons, and today, India has become the treasure trove of precious and semi-precious gems, stones and jewelry. View More....

Textiles of India

India has a diverse and rich textile tradition. The origin of Indian textiles can be traced to the Indus valley civilization. The people of this civilization used homespun cotton for weaving their garments. India had numerous trade links with the outside world and Indian textiles were popular in the ancient world. Indian silk was popular in Rome in the early centuries of the Christian era. View More....


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