Peg Boards


Board games have been played in almost all cultures and civilizations. The popularity of board games increased during the 20th century. During the 20th century, the middle class people felt an increase in their financial condition. They had a disposable income. Along with that they had a lot of leisure time on their hand which allowed them to indulge in games and other activities. A lot of board game pieces are manufactured in a way so that they can be stuck onto pegs. Pegged pieces have the advantage of staying in their places. They do not get dislodged easily. Pegged boards are specially made for these sets.

The boards have special sockets or cavities carved into them to fit a peg neatly. Peg boards are usually made of wood. The holes are specific to games and cannot be interchanged for other games.

Following are the manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of peg boards:

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