Necklace Box


A wooden necklace box helps you preserve your valuable neck pieces in a safe way. The exteriors of a necklace box are made of wood while the inside is padded with cotton, tissue, velvet or some other soft material. Leather is also a suitable material to be used as a cushioning inside these wooden boxes. Necklace boxes are available in different sizes. The box may have space only for one necklace or it may be able to house a number of necklaces. In that case the box will be provided with a number of different drawers or trays to display the individual pieces separately.

The necklace box almost always has a hinged lid to cover its contents. The lid may come with a latch or an automatic lock or even a number lock. The price of the necklace boxes depend on the material that has been used to make it. However, these boxes come at reasonable prices.

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