Modern Indian Woodcraft


Wood crafting had been a major source of livelihood for a large chunk of rural population for India since times unmemorable. Previously, heavy furniture’s used to be widely preferred as they were better suited for the large spacious residential spaces. With rapid rise in the country’s population, older constructions were gradually renovated and upgraded to modern apartments to accommodate more people within the same space.

Development of flats and apartments, on side have been successful in fulfilling the demand for residential space to some extent, but on the other side, increasing number of flats have resulted in a decrease of floor space in most households. With decrease in floor space, people nowadays look forward to get light furniture’s which are easy to place and at the same time consumes lesser space. This has led to the development of newer varieties of modern Indian woodcraft.

Modern design of Indian woodcraft is based mostly on human comfort as well as style. Unlike the traditional furniture’s which were known to concentrate primarily on looks, recent furniture’s are designed taking quite a few factors into consideration like human health issues, portability, space requirement and its visual appeal as well. The newer varieties are made with a double purpose of being stylish and practical as well.

In modern woodcrafts, you can expect to get comfort to such an extent which you might not have even dreamt off. The high quality contemporary furniture’s of today like chairs are being specially designed so that they can match the bends and curves of our body, without the fear of any health issues.

Many of the newer varieties have additional support in the form of arm and leg rests that give you complete comfort. You can also get a lot of other innovative features that add to its values. Just for instance, levers are attached to some of the newer furniture’s which helps you to manually adjust height, rest on your back and others.

Most importantly, the newer varieties have the unique facility of being portable and non rigid. Some of them also have facilities to use them for multipurpose. Its portability is facilitated further by the use of rollers and bearings. These are the reasons for which they are much preferred among a large section of people nowadays.