A knife is a sheet of sharpened metal with a handle attached to it. One edge of the metal is sharp while the other end may or may not be blunt. A knife, thus, has two main parts: the blade and the handle. The blade may be made of stainless steel or carbon stainless steel. Carbon stainless steel is stronger than stainless steel and is more durable. The handle is made of a strong material like wood, plastic or enameled metal. Knives can be used both as a piece of cutlery as well as a weapon. It is in fact one of the earliest forms of weapon that was discovered. As a piece of cutlery the knife must provide a proper grip so that the fruits or vegetables can be neatly cut. The size and the shape of the blades vary widely depending on the use to which they are put. The better the quality of the blade the more expensive is the knife. Knives come in a wide range of prices.

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