Jewelry Box


Jewelry is found in almost every Indian household. Jewelry, whether gold, silver or other metal, has great significance in the social lives of Indians. Hence, jewelry has to be kept safely and carefully. Jewelry boxes are excellent accessories which add to the beauty of your dressing table. They also make wonderful gifts and souvenirs if you are traveling to some of the Indian regions famous for making decorative jewelry boxes.

Jewelry boxes come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Cost of these boxes varies according to the material and amount of decorative elements used. The usual jewelry boxes are made of wood, porcelain, glass, leather and metals. To make them look attractive, jewelry boxes are often shaped in interesting shapes like hearts, flowers, and other shapes like a globe. Other interesting shapes include animal shapes, oval shapes and star shapes. The boxes are usually small in size and are meant for some specific types of jewelry. So, there are jewelry boxes for ear rings, bangles and necklaces. Some jewelry boxes feature multiple chambers like drawers and can contain different types of jewelry. Some jewelry boxes are shaped like writing desks and feature side doors and multiple drawers. Jewelry boxes are decorated in a variety of ways. The simplest boxes are often not decorated, but feature a single color and a nice polish. Some wooden boxes may be polished and their wooden exteriors kept intact. Some boxes might be painted brightly. The porcelain boxes are usually light colored and beautifully decorated with laces, beads and ribbons in addition to other decorative items. The leather jewelry boxes look very elegant. They are simple, but classy. Many jewelry boxes have intricate designs engraved or painted on top or sides of the boxes.

These designs are usually floral, but interesting geometrical patterns and drawings are also found.

In India, decorated jewelry boxes are found all over the country. You can pick them up from road side souvenir shops in Jaipur, Delhi or any of the historic cities. You will also find a variety of jewelry boxes in emporia and shops in all the major cities of India. In some tourist spots, you will find exclusive jewelry box shops.