Incense box


Incense sticks are specially made sticks with different types of fragrances, used to worship gods and goddesses. The wooden boxes used to store them, usually, have a perforated cover. The lid can be hinged to the box or it can be slid over it. The lid can also come as a separate piece with the wooden box. Incense sticks are long and thin columns and hence the box used to store them is also a long, rectangular box. The box is, generally, 12 inch long. An incense box has columns or an elastic band inside it to keep the incense sticks in place. The body of the box can be decorated with wooden engravings or metal inlay work. The box may be adorned with two layers, where the upper layer is used to burn the sticks and the lower layer to store them.

The upper layer contains a channel to hold the burnt ash and holes to insert the sticks. Incense boxes come in a wide range of prices.

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