Home decor


Home decor includes everything starting from curtains, bed sheets, bed covers, carpets, mats or rugs to small artifacts that are used to decorate a home. The color of the wall is an important thing to be kept in mind while talking about home decor. It is very important that the color of the room furnishings match the color of the wall. A long room can be made to look short by the use of darker colors while a small room can be made to look large by the use of lighter colors. Curtains go a long way in providing that extra edge to any type of home decor. The style and pattern of the kitchenware or dinnerware sets also enhance the appeal of the dining room and the kitchen. All the rooms are part of a single unit and hence only when each room is tastefully decorated can the complete home decor appeal to the eyes of an onlooker. Various pieces of the home decor come at various prices.

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