Fruit Bowls


Fruit bowls can be largely divided into fresh fruit bowls and dry fruit bowls. Fresh fruit bowls are vessels that are large and can be used to cut, mix as well as serve an assortment of freshly chopped fruits, with or without a salad dressing. While a dry fruit bowl can be shaped like a tray or a bowl with separate compartments to serve different types of dry fruits. The fruit bowls can be made of a variety of materials starting from wood, stainless steel, Pyrex glass to clear glass. They can also be made of plastic, cracked or frosted glass. The fruit bowls made of colored glass are the most expensive ones as well as the prettiest ones. A variety of colors are combined together to form these fruit bowls, which makes them absolutely exclusive pieces to own. Fruit bowls of different shapes, materials and sizes come in a wide range of prices.

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