Earrings Box


Wooden earring boxes helps one keep the various small or big pieces of earrings in one place in an organized manner. Wooden earring boxes have stands to hold the earrings in place. These boxes may have two or more layers to keep the earrings separately from each other. The indoors of such a box have a velvet or cloth covering stuck to them. In order to keep the earrings safe the boxes come with a hinged cover and a small latch. Other pieces of jewelry can also be kept within the earring boxes. Mahogany, Rosewood, Ebony, Sandalwood or other types of wood may be used to make these boxes.

Different types of wood may be combined to make these boxes. Earring boxes with golden or silver inlay work are the perfect gift to give someone special. The best would be to personalize such a box with the person's name or a phrase written specially for her.

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