Dining table top


A dining table is the most important piece of furniture in a dining room. A proper dining table top can enliven up the whole room as well as create a new interest in the food itself. Dining table tops are mostly made of different types of glasses. A frosted glass or a cracked glass dining table top looks extremely pretty on a wrought iron or wooden dining table. The table tops should be ordered keeping in mind the size of the dining table as well as the dining room. These table tops can be spherical, square, oval or rectangular in shape. Certain table tops have two layers, which rotate at different levels to serve the different dishes on the table. Separable table tops are preferred to the fixed ones, as they can be frequently changed as and when needed or in order to break the monotony of the same table top, which has been there for years. The type of material used to make them ascertains the price of the dining table top.

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