Designer Dolls


Dolls are toys that represent babies or other human beings. Dolls have been made for centuries. Earlier they were shaped out of clay or earth. Modern dolls are made of plastic. Designer dolls are designed to be dressed and made up to reflect fashion trends. These dolls are made of plastic or vinyl. They are proportioned anatomically. These dolls have hair that can be dressed up and come with a wide range of accessories. Accessories include clothes, furniture sets, doll houses and other items like jewelry or bags. Costume designers and other concerned professionals work together to create attractive looking designer dolls. Even though these dolls are meant for children, a lot of adults collect them.

Designer dolls are also modeled after celebrities. One of the most famous designer dolls of all times is the Barbie doll. Barbie was the first designer doll to be launched. After that all designer dolls were inspired by Barbie

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