Decorative Wooden Puzzle


Puzzles are games that challenge the ingenuity of kids. Puzzles are meant as an important form of entertainment. At times puzzles also take the form of mathematical or logistical problems. Decorative wooden puzzles are made especially for children. They are usually hand held puzzles or small sized puzzles which are manipulated to achieve specified goals. Wooden puzzles originated from China. The mandarin name for wooden puzzles is Pintu. Decorative wooden puzzles have large pieces usually with knobs to allow the kids to grab them easily. They are meant to improve hand and eye coordination. The pieces are well shaped and polished so that there are no sharp edges sticking out. The pieces of the puzzle are brightly colored to make them attractive. Regular playing with decorative wooden puzzles allows a child to develop its cognitive and motor skills. Wooden puzzles are generally large in shape and thick.

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