Condiment spoons


Condiments are those extra servings of flavorings or seasonings, which add more flavor to the meals. Condiment spoons are available in many sizes, like tiny, small or medium. Condiment spoons come with condiment boxes or stands so they are not very large. The bowl-like indentation on these spoons are a little deep and the handle is not very long. It is just enough long to allow a person to hold the spoon between the fingers. Ceramic, wood, acrylic glass or plastic are the commonest materials used to make condiment spoons. These spoons come in sets of 6, 12 and so on. Hand-made wooden condiment spoons stylize your way of serving condiments. Each piece of wooden condiment spoon is different from the other. Tiny ceramic condiment pieces are dainty pieces of flatware, that come along with condiment boxes. Condiment spoons are variously priced.

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