Chopsticks are, usually, made of Aspen wood or ivory. Pine, cedar, cherry, sandalwood and paulownia are the other types of wood used to make chopsticks. Expensive materials like jade or silver can also be used to make ornate chopsticks. Chopsticks are held between the fingers and used to pick up the food. There are a lot of taboos about the proper usage of chopsticks. It is believed that they should not be kept together across the rim of the bowl, the tips of the sticks should never be licked, the food should not be stirred with annoyance with these sticks neither should the sticks be used to hit the bowls in order to draw someone's attention. The material used to make chopsticks as well as their color are related to superstitions. Black chopsticks stand for long life while the chestnut ones for wealth. In Japan different sizes of chopsticks are used for different members of the family. Chopsticks are an interesting as well as a traditional way to have some dishes of the Asian cuisine. They come in a wide range of prices and are generally available in sets of 2, 4, 6 and so on.

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