Wooden Chess Sets


Chess sets consist of two equivalent sets of players. The two sets are of different colors, black and white. Each set consists of the following pieces;

  • One King
  • One Queen
  • Two Rooks
  • Two Bishops
  • Two Knights
  • Eight Pawns

The variety of chess set designs are limitless. The designs may vary from small cosmetic changes to abstract or theme based designs. Themed designs are meant more for display rather than for playing. Usually the figurines used for playing chess are taller than they are wide. Wooden chess pieces often have faces or profiles carved onto the individual pieces. The chess board used for playing is divided into squares of black and white. While playing the board is positioned in such a manner that the right hand corner of each player is a white square. Wooden boards used in tournaments are colored buff and green.

Following are the potential manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of wood table tops:

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