Cane Box


A cane box is an item of utility and can be used to store a variety of items. Canes are long, vertical pieces of bamboo that can be woven together to form baskets and boxes. A cane box is, usually, a large box used to carry fruits or food on a picnic or on an outdoor activity. A cane box comes complete with a hinged lid and a small latch to keep its contents safe. The body of the box is well varnished so as to give it a shiny appearance.Cane boxes come in small, medium and large sizes. They may or may not have a strong handle on the top to carry them. Small cane boxes may be used to store candies or other type of sweets.

These boxes may be decorated with vibrant colors, ribbons and laces to make them look attractive. The boxes can be shaped in various ways. They can have a straight geometric shape or they may also be shaped like candy sticks, butterflies, heart-shapes, flowers and so on. Cane boxes come at reasonable prices.

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